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A Better Smart Lighting Solution

Who We Are

TIOSL is committed to making smart lighting control systems better serve people's work and life. Over the years, based on the actual needs of customers, combined with the characteristics of LED lighting, we have provided customers with the fittest and the most economical smart lighting control system solutions. Saving costs for customers, enhancing product competitiveness, increasing product profits, enhancing customer satisfaction, and meanwhile letting customers enjoy the convenience brought by our system and letting our customers get more benefit on economy and healthy. This is our original goal, we had been and will be struggling for it all the time !The brand name TIOSL, the abbreviation of the internet of smart lighting. It also represents our core values.


TlOSL was founded in 2007


Self-developed smart commercial lighting system


Exported to countries and regions


About us


We are a medium-sized enterprise, innovation and sustainability is our core value. We work with our customer in their market with reliable products. We have 600K tube capacity/month, and troffer 10,000-15,000pcs/month. With 300 workers, 50 office staff, a strong RD team, and professional sales team. We welcome you contact us if you have any question.


With years growth, now we moved to our own industrial park.


We start focus on US market, our main products is LED tubes, LED Troffer Retrofit Kit,LED linear High bay light, LED magnetic retrofit kits.


We start to make final lighting products, and work with customers worldwide directly. We located in Yinfeng Industry Park.


From 2007-2008, our main business is in LED Encapsulation, we work with main stream domestic lighting company.


TIOSL Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was creatd.

Factory Strength

Qualification certification