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Video Introduction


7 button dimmable remote control instructions

Data acquisition and remote control

two ways of group linkage

Smart control collection

Steps of resetting smart system lamp

Smart lighting troffer led magnetic strip retrofit kit with Bluetooth control

Share and scan QR code

Delete lamp and group

Create scene

Commercial & industrial smart lighting system with Bluetooth mesh remote control

Add remote control

Add lights and dimming

Add group and dimming

How to install the smart sensor on the smart converter of outdoor lighting fixtures

Magnetic Strip Retrofit kits

Tisol smart lighting solution:Usage of energy consumption statistics

Tiosl smart lighting solution: remote control video

TIOSL Helps Upgrade Troffer Light

TIOSL Helps Upgrading High Bay Light

TIOSL Helps Upgrading Panel Light

TIOSL Helps Upgrading Wallpack Light

TIOSL Helps Upgrading Your UFO Light

Tiosl smart lighting system

tiosl smart system

tiosl smart lighting control system warehouse application

replacement instruction

Voltage Resistance 2KV - LED tube light

Integrated LED base light

Smart Base Light with TIOSL smart light control system

360-degree light emitting LED lamp

360 degree led tube for billboard, 10 hours

Case Study: Private High School Waterford Union High School in Wisconsin, USA

Operation demonstration of TIOSL Smart Control System

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TIOSL Smart | Bluetooth network Troffer/Linear High Bay/LED Tube factory introduction

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ARK Lighting: How daylight sensor and motion sensor works in led troffer light fixture?

Add switch 1 - ARK Smart Bluetooth lighting control system

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Magnetic Strip Troffer/Highbay Retrofit Kit Installation guide | ARK Lighting

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Dimmable led strip lights, Troffer retrofit kit, fluorescent to led conversion kit | ARK Lighting

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