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Important Components of TIOSL Smart Control System

Time:2024-03-12 Views:1

In addition to providing professional smart lighting solutions, TIOSL has also developed multiple kinds of smart gateways (including outdoor gateway) to facilitate application in various lighting scenarios and meet all kinds of lighting needs.

The Role of Smart Gateway

Smart gateway is an indispensable component for realizing smart control. It can realize the control of various hardware devices by the entire smart control system. Its functions include not only the collection, input and output of data, but also remote control and linkage control, etc. . Therefore, for smart lighting manufacturers, producing and developing a good smart gateway is the key to winning users in the market; for building owners, the quality of the smart gateway also determines the overall experience of the smart lighting system they deploy. 

Benefits of TIOSL Lighting Controls with Gateway

1. the graphical user interface that is accessible from a single central computer and mobile device without the need to move around to access separate fixtures.

2. network interoperability

3. show the“real-time”status of the light fixtures (e.g., on/off, dimmed, etc.)

4. all installed sensors must be tied to the central control system.远程).jpg

TIOSL Provides Multiple Kinds of Gateways

Gateway (Indoor Use)


Smart Wall Switch

One-click turn on or off, adjust brightness and color temperature, scene, auto mode

Ceiling Mounted Gateway

One-click reset and pair of the lamps through the Bluetooth remote control

High Voltage Plug and Play Gateway

One-click reset and pair of the lamps through button

Gateway (Outdoor Use)


TIOSL is the first company that provide signal extender (outdoor gateway), it can increase the sensing distance from 170ft to 500ft. It is very great for using in outdoor scene.

After connecting to the smart gateway, you can remotely control and view device data through smartphones, computers, etc. The application of gateway is also an important symbol of the rapid development of the Internet of Things.