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Introduction to Resetting Methods

Time:2024-05-30 Views:1

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Resetting smart sensors can vary depending on the type of the sensor. Here are some general methods for resetting different types of smart sensors:


1. Resetting via Mobile APP

Some smart sensors can be reset through our mobile app. Delete the lamps from the app if you want to reset it. This method typically requires the sensor to be connected to a network and the app.


2. Resetting via Wall Switch 

You can reset the smart sensors via wall switch if you cannot delete the lamps from the app. You can turn on or off the wall switch several times.


3. Resetting via Magnet

Use a magnet very close to the smart sensors for several seconds, the lamps flicker means it reseted.


4. Resetting via Physical Button

Most smart sensors have a physical button that can be used to reset the device to its factory settings. This button is often located on the device itself and may need to be pressed and held for a certain amount of time.


5.Resetting via IR Remote Control 

When there is no magnet or it is impossible to reset the physical button,or if the lamps installed too high, you can use the IR remote control to reset the lamps one by one.


By following these general methods, you should be able to reset most smart sensors. However, always refer to the specific user manual or instructions for precise steps tailored to your sensor type.