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Commercial Lighting Rebates for 2024

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TIOSL smart lighting control system was qualified by NLC (DLC networked lighting control). This marks that TIOSL has reached the industry leading level in the field of commercial lighting, and build a safer and more efficient commercial lighting network system for clients at home and abroad, and help clients obtain rebates for commercial lighting. 

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Commercial Lighting Rebate Trends in 2024


“According to BriteSwitch, the number of utilities incorporating incentives for networked lighting controls grew by 8% to 450 in 2024, with about 53 percent of these rebates being prescriptive, which is a more channel-friendly type of rebate than custom rebates. Additionally, most are now established on a per-luminaire basis, with an average of $211 per luminaire installed and controlled. It is also interesting to see 2% of networked lighting control rebate programs offered as midstream/instant rebates.” according to the article of 2024 Commercial Lighting Rebate Outlook. This shows that the prospects for commercial lighting rebates is strong and lucrative.


Obtaining rebates offers potentially substantial benefits for lighting and control upgrade proposals. If your project has actual needs, you can factor this into your consideration. Moreover, choose qualified products. Many rebate programs require qualified products be installed based on a listing on the DLC Qualified Products List (solid-state lamps/retrofit kits/luminaires, horticultural lighting, and networked lighting controls). TIOSL's products and smart lighting control system listed on DLC Qualified Products List.


In one word, the 2024 commercial lighting rebate still has promising prospects, and even though it may require effort and time and bring some risks, many owners are beginning to install qualified lighting products and controls. What you need to consider is whether there is a need for upgraded lighting fixtures, how to select qualified products and manage risk that if may not be approved or the award amount may be lower than expected.


Source: 2024 Commercial Lighting Rebate Outlook