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In Feberury 28th, 2021, our smart system - TIOSL smart lighting control system was qualified as NLC 4.0 version, to be the first Chinese lighting fixture manufacturer listed in NLC (DLC networked lighting control).

And today, we are glad to announce that our "TIOSL smart lighting system" has upgraded to NLC 5.0 version. This marks that TIOSL has reached the industry leading level in the field of intelligent business lighting, and can provide high-quality intelligent lighting services for customers at home and abroad in all aspects, and build a safer and more efficient commercial lighting network system.  

The DLC is pleased to release the final version of Networked Lighting Controls Technical Requirements Version 5 (NLC5). NLC5 focuses on strengthening the value of NLC technology, and contains a new cybersecurity requirement to encourage market acceptance and customer confidence. Manufacturers may begin submitting applications under NLC5 in August, 2020.

NLC5 includes updates on:

Cybersecurity – the cybersecurity capability is now required, and includes expanded options for compliance.

Interoperability – the energy monitoring capability (one aspect of interoperability) continues to be required for listing, with an exception for room-based systems. NLC5 contains new recommendations for the contents of an energy report, which can help utilities scale their programs.

NLC5.0-certified commercial lighting systems can effectively help users save more 50% of their energy consumption compared to traditional LED lamps.  Administrators can periodically receive the device power consumption datasheet feedback to improve energy utilization and enhance energy saving management.  The updated network security regulations also further improve the system security standards, reduce the risk of user information leakage, increase customer confidence.  In addition, our TIOSL smart system with humer centric lighting to regulate human physiological functions through Light, which is conducive to improving learning and memory ability, regulating emotions and improving work efficiency.