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Time:2023-08-07 Views:1

This time our client is Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. The client's requirement is to save energy and automatically adjust the color temperature. It can also automatically adjust the brightness of the lamps according to the brightness of the sun. To this end, we use LED Troffer lights with smart sensors and TIOSL smart lighting control system, so that all client desired can be realized.


Healthy Lighting Project in School

To achieve the automatic adjustment of color temperature required by client, we have used LED Troffer Light, which can automatically adjust the color temperature according to time and light, and the color temperature changes every 3 hours, so that white light can be used during the day to concentrate on studying and working, it slowly turns into a warm light from afternoon to evening, which makes people relax. The light plays a role in regulating the health of the human body, thereby creating a healthier and more comfortable lighting environment for the whole school.


Energy Saving via Daylight Harvesting

In addition, client required automatically adjust the brightness of luminaries based on the sunlight, this can not only ensure the ideal lighting effect, but maximize energy saving as well. Since the library has a large glass ceiling, here we use the smart control light strip. With the function of daylight harvesting, the brightness of the desktop is kept constant when students are reading in the library, but the daylight harvesting function will adjust the brightness of the luminaries according to the intensity of the natural light, so as to achieve a real energy-saving effect.


Moody Bible Institute in Chicago is making it smart, energy-efficient and light-healthy by partnering with TIOSL.